Stock Market Allocation Models

Based on 5 BUY/SELL

Allocation Models

  1. Conservative/ 20% Equity Allocation
  2. Moderate Conservative/ 35% Equity Allocation
  3. Moderate/ 50% Equity Allocation
  4. Moderate Aggressive/ 75% Equity Allocation
  5. Aggressive/ 90% Equity Allocation

Signals That Work

Be defensive when the market falls and aggressive when it advances


Let A+ help you manage your exposure to the stock market.

Why spend your day researching and worrying when A+ can assist you? For a small investment, our stock market experts will provide you with the current allocation based on various proprietary market signals. Updated daily or as needed. Whether you are just starting your stock trading journey or consider yourself proficient in the stock trading world, reduce the amount of time you spend figuring out when to buy and when to sell.



Customer Commitment

A+ is committed to helping our clients make gains in the stock market world. When combining our stock market knowledge with our dedication to client satisfaction, clients can be rest assured knowing their investing goals are important to us. When A+ provides clients with the S&P 500 allocation model associated with the current signal based on proprietary leading indicators.

“Thanks for the great signals. Keep up the good work.”

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Easy, simple, & fast

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